Sunday, February 28, 2010

Middle School Finalists

Please watch the following four middle school finalists and then vote (in the side bar) for your favorite middle school entry!

Vote by Friday, March 5 @ 5 PM Eastern Time

Middle School Finalist: Seven Springs Middle School (New Port Richey, FL) Watch and Vote

Middle School Finalist: Tchefuncte Middle School (Mandeville, LA)
Watch and Vote


  1. Hi kids...I live in Seward Alaska and teach school here. I love your video and your program of service to the residents. What you do means so much to the people there. I know because my mom is one of them. Her picture is in your video. It brought tears to my eyes to see her so happy. You are there with her where I cannot be and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that special gift of giving of yourself! Listen to them and get to know the stories of their lives and your life will always be better for it! Thanks!!!!!!! My son went to your school too!

  2. Great job kids! I enjoyed your pictures so much and all the smiles, it brought such joy to my heart! I am a nurse and I love old people. Unfortunately so many of them never get any visitors in these homes, as you know, and so when you go and spend time with them, it means the world to them!I hope you will keep going, even though your project is over. Contact your teacher, Miss Suzanne Williams, I'll bet she'd love to take you guys there to sing, play music and hang out with all the grandparents! (I know because she's my sister and she loves old people too!)
    Dianne Baskevitch, Laguna Beach, California

  3. A shout out to Seven Springs Middle School! Your cards have brought me much joy -- they are created with love and care and your artistic light shines through every design. Thank you for learning about Multiple Sclerosis, for teaching others about the disorder, and for caring to brighten the day of people who are living with its effects. Great job on the video!

  4. The card of the kids at Seven Springs Middle School always seem to come at the right time. They brighten my day. Such a great job you are doing, making a difference in my life and lives of others with Multiple Sclerosis!

  5. Thank you so much Seven Springs Middle School! Your program means so much to me. It makes my day when a surprise card arrives in the mail and I know it was made to make me happy and let me know that I'm not forgotten.

    You are very special young people, no doubt lead by an exceptional art teacher.

    Thank you as well for teaching others about multiple sclerosis.

  6. It's a very special day for me when a lovely card unexpectedly arrives at my door.

    I live in India, and it means a lot to me that students of Seven Springs Middle School have gone to so much trouble to brighten the day of someone who lives halfway across the globe.

    Thaank you!