Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vote for the 2010 Service-Learning Multimedia Showcase Finalists!

Update: Please remember, the votes will only count for a portion of the total scores, so the highest percentage of votes does not necessarily mean that video is the winner.

Vote for your favorite entry in the 2010 We Are a Solution: Youth Changing the World Through Service-Learning Multimedia Showcase. Browse through all of the entries in each category, and then vote (on the right hand side) for your favorite entry in each category. Pass this on to your friends, classmates, and community members. Remember, it is ONE vote per person!

Vote by Friday, March 5 @ 5 PM Eastern Time!

If you are using Internet Explorer and cannot see the voting panel in the right sidebar, click on this entry's title.


  1. I found the Tchefuncte Middle School video to be very moving.The program captured the sweet spirit and sincerity of all participants.What a wonderful growth opprtunity for all!
    Kiss is great,congrats on a job well done!

    Brenda Campbell

  2. I found that SSMS has done a great job with this video. It honestly moved me . I would recommend for you to vote Seven Springs. Well done !

  3. Both were outstanding, but the Tchefuncte Middle School Project is getting my vote!
    Congratulations to all participants for a job well done.


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  6. Thank you for all who voted for the KISS program. I am a student in the program, and I would appreciate if you guys kept voting for us! thank you for all the support! =)
    (Tchefunte Middle School)

  7. Thanks so much for voting for Seven Springs Middle School. It means so much to me that I have so many supporters out there. I didn't expect this 'voting' thing to be so neck & neck. Once again, thank you so much for supporting me. It means SO MUCH. [:

  8. Both programs are great, but the KISS program particularly resonated with me, as the elderly in the United States are too often neglected and do not have many opportunities to share their amazing life stories and experiences with others. I voted for the KISS video.